our ethos

Hair is a reflection of our identity that is both personal and public.

With that in mind, we're on a mission to redefine hair care by creating new, fun, and innovative ways of how to care, treat, and style your hair.

our freelosophy

We never make anything that harms humans and animals, insects included—that is our Freelosophy.

We curate each oil, extract, and non-toxic ingredient that goes into every formulation and guarantee that they exist only to benefit the hair and scalp’s health or support the integrity and performance of each formula. Simply put, we don’t care if an ingredient is natural or synthetic, it just needs to be safe, clean, and high-performing.

If you see our Freelosophy symbol, depending on the product, it will indicate a few of the following:
- free of silicones,
- free of parabens,
- free of paraffins,
- free of sulfates,
- free of artificial colors,
- free of artificial fragrances,
- free of gluten,
or that it is vegan.
All our products are cruelty free.

female first & hair confidence

You don’t have to fit in to have great hair.

As a brand for women, we work hard to empower and inspire all women of any hair type, race, creed, shape, or shoe size. Forget the glossy magazines; confidence, a little sparkle, and a good hair day is all you need.

Starbucks® has a mermaid, we have a Lola.

Ever evolving, ever morphing, and ever unique – she is the symbol of our hair revolution to put forward our values of hair confidence, female first, diversity & inclusivity.

Lola is Global. Different hair, different cultures, different females - she represents them all.